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The Best of Forex Secret & Forex Success System versi 3 + Bonus 1000 Indicator Meta Trader 4 Profitable Only US$ 110

The Best of Forex Secret & Forex Success System versi 3 + Bonus 1000 Indicator Meta Trader 4 Profitable Only US$ 110

> The Best of Forex Secret & Forex Success System versi 3 + Bonus 1000 Indicator Meta Trader 4 Profitable Only US$ 110 <

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Indikator Forex Succes System 3 (FSS v3) Sekarang Hanya Dengan Rp.600.000/ US$60

Here is a screenshot we took to verify the results of our method for outside review. Again these are as always guaranteed 100% Authentic.

Forex Trick with Indicator FSS 3.doc English Version

To download ebook free guide, please click the links below ...


The most trusted way to predict the direction of price movement Forex.rar
(But Not FREE, And I Give GUARANTEED ...!!!, Its Profitable)

EBOOK PANDUAN Forex success system v3 (FSS 3).rar

INDICATOR Forex Success System VERSI 2


It is a large image so it is scaled down. You can download it and blow it up if needed.
RESULTS = 2,213.60 pips (not dollars....pips....) in 34 days.
(It works on almost any market as well. You can even see on 10/28 it worked for a commodity, in this case oil)
This just begs the question... why not try it? We guarantee, young or old, new or seasoned, you will learn how to trade effectively and realistically. Clear all the mess from your desk, quit loosing money RIGHT NOW and start on a proven path. If not... then return it no questions asked.
So, bottom line, can you do this? YES
Is it really simple? YES
Is it guaranteed? YES
Does it really work? ABSOLUTELY
So we ask you take the time to order the product and download the very short but sweet PDF document that lays out EXACTLY how to setup your chart, what to trade, when to trade it and why. It will explain when to get in and out and possibilities to adjust the method depending on your trading style and tolerance for risk.
So with all things considered, We ask you give it a try. Demo it for a few days and you will see the effectiveness of this system. If you cannot make your 5 pips back to pay for this we will give you a 100% refund. Simply send us your trading statement. The is no use in paying for something that does not work for you. We believe in this system and we back it up fully. You have nothing to lose and you have an opportunity to change course and start making real trades. Since this is a digital product we can only offer refund to customers that try the trading system first.
More Customer Reviews

Positive feedback rating Fast shipping, THIS IS A VERY GOOD SYSTEM, WELL WORTH THE PRICE.
Positive feedback rating Very Simple System - made $200.00 on my first trade!!!

Positive   feedback rating Simple, profitable system. Well worth the $50. Nearly instant delivery :D

Positive   feedback rating It's the simple things that work. Good Method!! Great Ebay Seller

Positive feedback rating Good strategy---2 trades and 300.00 in the bank---Thanks!

Positive feedback rating Great Strategy! Thank you very much!

Positive  feedback rating Effective information, stays on subject, and the directions are easy to follow.
Positive feedback  rating easy system and quick delivery, real pipmaker
Positive feedback  rating Smooth transaction..Trading system is simple and easy to follow..good ebayer++++
Positive feedback rating I like the logic & simplicity, so far it's doing well on a demo acct. A+ Seller.

Positive feedback rating Wonderful Seller!!! Great Support!! Simple easy to learn & effective system! A++
Positive feedback rating Good System, Recommended Seller A+++
Positive feedback  rating excellent system. Bargain !

Positive   feedback rating Excellent service. Receive item as described. Thanks!

Positive   feedback ratingGreat Strategy!!!! Trading on a Demo Account and up 201 pips in 3 days!!!!!

Some Customer Feedback

Positive feedback   rating WOW!!! Your system works, first five hrs and $750 gain 163 pips...Thanks
Positive feedback rating I've already made my 50 bucks back in less than a days' time! Thanks a Million!
Positive feedback rating Very Simple System - made $200.00 on my first trade!!!
Positive feedback rating Fast shipping, THIS IS A VERY GOOD SYSTEM, WELL WORTH THE PRICE.

Positive feedback rating Simple, profitable system. Well worth the $50. Nearly instant delivery :D

Positive  feedback ratingGreat Strategy!!!! Trading on a Demo Account and up 201 pips in 3 days!!!!!

(More feedback reviews below)

They Call Us
The Harvard Boy's

Trading forex is a job, not a casino game. The odds of success are 50% entering any trade. That alone is better than a casino, yet 90% of people who trade forex fail. How does this make sense. IT IS THE METHODS THEY USE. They are crippling traders like the plague, and we aim to reverse this by showing people the true way of retail trading. Not all this nonsense and half cocked theories that you read about on forums and message boards.
A lot of people want you to buy into the flashy lights, new auto trader programs and pretty much anything else they can cook up in their spare time. Let me be the first to tell you, if these things worked, people would know about it. Its as simple as that. There are huge forex communities online, and all the vets know that these things boil down to what could essentially be considered as trash.
What we have done is break this market down to its core. Reviewed and tested numerous other methods and styles of trading to find any common ground they may all share to compliment each others strengths. And one thing we have found, is it is actually much easier than most people think.
I am sure other people selling you the moon have told you that their system is the best and will make you a millionaire. The only problem is, these people do not know how trading in this market actually takes place. They believe all the hype surrounding these other methods circulating the internet being sold for hundreds of dollars every day only to leave you standing there with an empty wallet and a system you could have made up in about 5 minutes of wondering thought.
We have found a method that ACTUALLY WORKS. Statistically, it provides better results than any commonly seen retail trading system out there. There is one fundamental reason why. It is nothing like the other guys. When we say this, we mean it. This is NOT like anything you have seen or will see and if you do find something like it, then it was either stolen from us, or you are getting it from someone that has traded professionally. Bottom line.
First of all, WE developed this system and it took an incredible amount of study and research to do so. Testing different strategies and combinations of indicators with different settings and all the while taking into consideration human psychology, statistical anomalies, and a host unpredictable variables.
We came to one simple conclusion. This is MUCH easier than people are trained to think it is.
We cannot stress this enough guys. This IS actually very simple. The main problem has shown itself to be the person trading. You have been taught to think that you need 100 different indicators, iron clad stop losses and take profits, and a myriad of false truths that are simply cluttering your desk. This is FALSE. You do not need these things, and we aim to show you why and more importantly how.
The backbone of our system uses disciplines from professional bank traders. We interviewed a few different bankers (as we like to call them) and ended up using their methods as the foundation for the Harvard boy's system. This only makes sense since they are the most successful traders in the market.
After that, we implemented a few more tweaks here and there to increase the overall performance and profitability of the system, also helping it fit a better model for retail traders like you and I. All the while we have kept its true integrity from what it is based on.
What we have come up with is the best system available and we can actually show you here. We have some examples of trades using this system. They are 100% verifiable.
We used charts all from the exact same time, day, month, and year using the exact same time frame (1 hour) using our four favorite pairs. THIS is very important to note. We are not cherry picking charts that fit our needs. In fact we challenge any other system to produce these results. They cannot do it. Period. This is unheard of that someone can produce 4 different charts showing 24 consecutive trades, all from the same time frame, and produce no losses. PLEASE find ANYTHING that can do this, and you will blow my mind.
So, OK lets bring it down to brass tax here. What does this mean for the average trader. Well for one, have you ever used any method that can do this? No, and I say that with confidence because if you had, you would not be seeking us out. You are obviously tired of all the trash out there and are looking for something based more in reality.
This also means that we could not be using any gimmick by showing you charts that only help our cause. Statistically it would be near impossible for a loosing system to produce 24 consecutive winning trades on 4 different charts using the exact same time frame. It just is not conceivable. You would actually have a better chance of winning your state lottery than coming up with these results on even a winning 60/40 system.
This is 100% guaranteed. After buying this system, I would encourage you to go back to these dates (end of Jan 2009) and look to see if this chart is accurate. Plug in our system and see for yourself that these are the actual trade spots. We are not candy coating anything.

*** These arrows show where actual signals were produced by our system ***Please confirm on your own charting software that these are actual charts, and after you make your purchase, you can plug in the strategy and see for yourself that these are 100% Authentic.

PerfecTrend Lines 4.0
for MetaTrader 4, TradeStation 8, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, Omega Research ProSuite 2000i
Read it first :
+Great set of indicators at a bargain price. A must for trendfollower traders.
+A bargain compared to AbleSys and appears to work fairly well. Thanks
+Very useful indicator, quick response, Top!
+Thank you for the product. An excellent aid for Tradestation.
+ + + Great Tool – it's very complex, but effective! ThanxX + + +
+Great seller, got it same day. It's up an working great!
+great system, pleasure to do business with, will again
+Highly accurate trend following indicators, Fast delivery and great support, Thx
+Brain System, similar to Asctrend which cost 3k, Indicators worth every penny.

PerfecTrend Lines 4.0.
a revolutionary TREND-FOLLOWING indicator
Absolutely NO THINKING is needed, just buy when Blue and sell when Red!
Works in any timeframe and in any FOREX pair, Commodity or Stock!
Most of my clients returned this investment in their first trade!
Aren't you tired of trading systems that don't work, of chart patterns that fail time after time, wiping your account slowly but surely? So was I. Until I have developed PerfecTrend Lines™. This indicator is so simple it requires no special knowledge nor training. Just buy when you see Blue bar close and sell when Red bar closes. It also alerts you when signals are present, so you wouldn't have to be at your computer!
Most trading systems fail to deliver results, because they are focused on one specific pair of timeframe, and if that pair changes - they lose money. A lot of money. PerfecTrend Lines™ doesn't have this problem - it works on any timeframe, on any chart and on any pair! You could also trade it on the Gold, Oil or any other commodity! No more need to analyse 10 pairs and to waste hours on complex math and patterns. Just put this indicator and your work is done. It also works in several trading platforms - MetaTrader 4® , TradeStation 8, MultiCharts® so even if you trade Stocks, Commodities or Futures - you can profit and win with PerfecTrend Lines™.

This indicator package is one of the best ever developed for trading or investing and provides the trader a systematic way of trading. Works very well for day trading, swing, or position trading. These indicators will enter a trade at the earliest entry point possible to help maximize profits. After the trade is entered these indicators will help keep you trading in the direction of the trend. PerfecTrend indicators are universal, working with any market and any time frame. This includes Forex, Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Equities, Commodities. PerfecTrend indicators are user friendly, allowing the trader the ability to adjust the variable inputs for their own style of trading. We've used the most advanced technology available in the designing and developing of the PerfecTrend indicators. If you just follow indicator you can make between 2500 – 3500 pips per month trading the major pairs.
PerfecTrend Lines Indicator Advantages:
  • It takes all emotion out of trading – Emotion is often considered as one of the biggest flaws of individual traders. Traders who are unable to cope with losses second guess their decisions and end up losing money. By strictly following the PerfecTrend Lines Indicator you can forget the need to make any decisions.
  • It saves a lot of time – Once you use and learn the PerfecTrend Lines indicator, trading becomes automated.
  • It gives you an edge – It gives you an advantage over other traders. You will be able to spot entry setups and the end of the moves before other traders do. You will avoid chasing the market. You won’t enter a trade too late and you won’t get out of a trade too early. You will be able to read the market and make profit consistently.
  • It makes money – You can control and grow your money by working a few hours a day or week on your computer.

These indicators are one of the best sets of indicators ever created by our developers. These indicators are easy to use, even though they are programmed with the latest and most Complex Logic Algorithms available today . Investors and Traders can enjoy a greater potential for profit, including minimizing your risk. PerfecTrend indicators work in real time or position trading. PerfecTrend will work in any time frame and any market, including: Tick, Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The objective of every trader is to make a profit. That is what we had in mind when we developed this software program.
The PerfecTrend indicator generate the buy and sell signals. It clearly shows the overall trend. It help maximize your profits and minimize your losses.
Among all the indicators ever created PerfecTrend is one of the most fundamental and reliable indicators ever. PerfecTrend indicators are much more powerful than similar looking indicators which are sold or leased for thousands of dollars. At first you may think other products are similar to PerfecTrend, but they are not. Once you use our indicators you will understand, and clearly see the difference, especially where there is major turning points or along the course of a trend.
With the power of PerfecTrend indicators, you can trade in the direction of the trend. Many have integrated their own trading experience with ours and have become much better traders and investors. It's the closest thing to the "Holy Grail" that we have found for most traders and investors. Some traders have been able to use them with an accuracy of 80%. Why not put these powerful indicators to work for you today! These are some of the most powerful tools ever developed for trading and investing!
This Indicators Package works for MetaTrader 4, TradeStation 8, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, Omega Research ProSuite 2000i
MetaTrader 4 is available from hundreds brokers in the world
TradeStation 8 is available directly from
MultiCharts is available directly from You can download Free Trial version here:
NinjaTrader is product of

PerfecTrend Lines indicators provide market direction and keep you trading in the direction of the trend. When the market changes direction or stays in an upward trend the price bars turn blue and remain blue. When the market changes direction to a downward trend the price bars turn red and remain red. If there is a sideways market or the market has no direction then the bars turn a neutral color.
PerfecTrend Lines act as a system, in the respect that it shows the user the best place to enter a trade. This indicator pinpoints Buy & Sell signals based on the latest technology available today. When there is a Buy or Sell condition this indicator colors a big blue dot for a Buy or a big red dot for a Sell.

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